The Business Plan – First Rating of a Business Idea

Content of the training

At the beginning you have just an idea. Or may be you have a prototype. And you want your idea, or prototype to become alive on the market. That is a long way and it starts with the business plan.

This training gives guidance to anyone who wants to form a company so that you can highlight a business idea on the basis of a comprehensive check-list (for all that do not have an own business idea yet the seminar is based of a case study).

The training serves for the first rating of a business idea and to point out necessary steps to the concept for the formation.

Who should enroll?

  • Scientists
  • Students
  • Innovators
  • Everyone, who want to start a company


  • The team
  • Status of technology
  • Relevance for the market
  • Conception of the company
  • Organization
  • Employees
  • Effort for realisation
  • Demand for resources
  • Finances

Lecturer of the seminar:

Dr. h.c. Wolfgang KNIEJSKI

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