INI-Novation GmbH, Germany

INI-Novation GmbH is an international business consulting company with a focus on innovation management and technology commercialization. The company has been providing tailored services to three different lines of clients:

  • Local governments:

INI-Novation consults governments across the globe in the construction of innovation  policies and the development of strategies as well as  business and sustainability concepts for technology and innovation entities.

  • Universities and R&D institutes:

INI-Novation actively transfers research results to markets by consulting research and innovation oriented institutions in the area of technology evaluation, exploitation and valorisation. We develop individual commercialization strategies for carefully selected technologies and support in the creation of knowledge based spin-off companies.

  • Private companies:

Offering services and expertise in the area of technology transfer and innovation management, INI-Novation focuses on entrepreneurship qualification and the creation of high-tech start-ups. INI-Novation supports SMEs in their development, while at the same time provides services for internationalization.

INI-Novation’s activities are continuously extended at an international level through our subsidiaries and partners all over the world.

INI-Novation has a wide partnership network of venture capitalists, technology, market, and licensing and entrepreneurship experts. Our partner experts participate actively in the screening and exploitation processes. Thus we offer our clients customized consulting, to cater to their individual requirements. INI-Novation’s Network opens a great opportunity to provide our partners and clients with experiences for expansion of their business activities into other countries.

Key staff in INI-Novation GmbH, look here. 

Our main project activities, look here. 

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