CAPTAIN – Coach assistant via projected and tangible interface is a Horizon 2020 funded project. Its vision is to turn the homes of old adults into a gentle coach within an empowering space, providing interaction, guidance and help for independent live leading to physical, cognitive, mental and social well-being. CAPTAIN proposes a “transparent” technology designed as ubiquitous assistant for elderly compensating their physical and memory impairments during their Activities of Daily Living (ADL).

To do so, CAPTAIN leverages on a few state of the art technologies such as “projected augmented reality”, real-time 3D sensing technologies, speech analysis, non-invasive physiological and emotional data analysis, and intelligent comprehension of the user’s behaviour and actions. The CAPTAIN project result will provide innovation on the eCare market related not only on technological but as well on a social level of the society.

The CAPTAIN project partners, in the aim to create a corporate identity for the project, are creating a set of identity design materials which will be consistently used in all dissemination material that will be developed throughout the course of the project. This corporate identity is expected to build awareness and visibility for the project across institutions and project stakeholders, and elevate its presence and recognition.

The final success of the CAPTAIN project is therefore related not only to the targeted technological innovation, but also depending on a commercial exploitation of innovative products and technology-enabled services.

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