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INI-Novation Bulgaria OOD specializes on the design, the development and the implementation of interactive communication turn-key solutions for tourism stimulation, cultural heritage exploitation, regional development and training services. INI-Novation has established this business lines in close collaboration and partnership with several international innovative services SMEs. Thanks to their cutting-edge technology, creativity and track record in the sectors, INI-Novation works with clients to create tailor-made innovative projects, complete solutions that include contents production and management.

The services offered by INI-Novation Bulgaria focus on three business areas:

  • Medias Services, and Cast Services,
  • Cultural New Media Services, and
  • Innovation management and training services.

The company’s media services include new promotion channels, including corporate television and cross media channels. Cultural new media comprises designing multimedia projects for museums and interpretation centers, and designing applications for cultural tourism. Its innovation management and training services comprise technology commercialization support, such as business concept development.

In addition, the company implants the technologies and manages and operates further education and training. The company is also specialized in giving business support for SMEs and start-up companies in the creative industries and tourism sector.

INI-Novation Bulgaria has been a partner in EU-funded projects.  The company supports the EU project in two directions:

  • Development of business models, organizational structures and strategies for the targeted marketing. The services are based on the vast experiences already gained as well as on innovative services and communication technologies. These cutting-edge technologies offer the general public as well as the partners and clients of the industry and economy enormous technological advantage and educational potential.
  • Development of the relevant tasks in the project (such as specialisation in cultural tourism, development of trainings and common offers), and provides its international experience for an integrated as well as dynamic and value-adding service portfolio.


  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme (EIP) of Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP) “LIMES – Large Scale Innovative and Mobile European Services for Culture Tourism in Rural Areas”.Finalized in 2014. INI-Novation had the responsibility in business development and business & marketing concept creation. Role: a partner with an expertise in business modeling, marketing and sustainability.
  • Erasmus + project EUROPETOUR INI-Novation had the responsibility in business development and business & marketing concept creation as a major tool for transfering EUROPETOUR results to other rural areas Europe-wide. Finalized in 2018. Role: a partner with an expertise in business modeling, marketing, communication strategies and sustainability. Link to the project: .


КОНТАКТИ ЗА ИНИ-Новация България ООД:

Лице з контакти: Анжела Иванова

Телефон: +359 885 12 88 77

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