Einkorn – Ancient Innovation

BANNER 300X250-page-001Five organisations from three countries Bulgaria, Czech Republic and Germany are involved in this innovative project. The innovation is a specific malting process, suitable for less widespread culture – einkorn, which has proven qualities superior to other varieties. During the project many researches will be held and the methodology will be adapted for the specifics of the variety. After verifying the overall process the adapted knowledge will be turned into curricula.

Тhe main aim and objective of the project is tо obtain biologically active malt from Einkorn for use in the food industry – brewing, baking and confectionary and to disseminate the knowledge via the VET system in Bulgaria and abroad. There is evidence for the use of Einkorn flour in the baking industry, but there is no data on the use of Einkorn as malt. This statement is based on consultations with Union of brewers in Bulgaria (www.pivovari.com/chlenove ) and other professional partners of the Agricultural academy.

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