Science and Technology Park Sofia

Logo STPThe “Science and Technology Park Sofia” aims to create environment where all the facets of the research, technological development and innovation are established. The project aims to create: innovation input conditions comprising of research infrastructure and infrastructure for dissemination of research results. Thereby, it shall create a conductive environment for innovations as well as innovation output conditions comprising of developing of knowledge-based businesses through an Incubator transforming part of the research results into industrial applications; and in parallel creating efficient working environment for research and innovations through providing cultural, sports, leisure and other infrastructures.

In this regard the Science and Technology Park Sofia encompasses the following components: the R&D&I infrastructures, the incubator, an experimentarium/museum, sport facilities and a multi-storey parking. In the course of the strategy development for the Incubator it shall also be considered how the incubator can use the existing infrastructures within the Science and Technology Park to generate synergies, thus enriching the multi beneficial services portfolio.

INI-Novation is an international business consulting company with a focus on innovation management and technology commercialization. The company provides tailored services to three different lines of clients; i.e. INI-Novation consults governments across the globe in the development and implementation of innovation policies and the development of strategies for technology and innovation entities. INI-Novation has vast experiences in the establishment and operation of Science and technology Parks, Incubators and Innovation Centres all over the globe, Therefore, INI-Novation GmbH is invited to consult the Science and Technology Park and to develop an Action Plan for the “Strategy and an implementation concept for the sustainable operation of an Incubator of the Science and Technology Park Sofia” (STP Sofia).

The initiatives key representatives in the proposed actions are h.c. Wolfgang Kniejski, Founder, Chairman and Business Development Director of INI-Novation GmbH, and Angela Ivanova, Business Development Director of INI-Novation GmbH.

The main topics of the strategic document prepared by INI-Novation are: Strategic positioning and the service portfolio, Process Analysis and Concept Idea, and Financial Analysis and Sustainability Plan. 

The work was presented for 80 days in 2016.

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