LILA – Living Labs for Innovation

LILA-CMYKLILA is a European project co-funded by the program Interreg IV-B North West Europe and lead by Promotech, Business innovation Center in Nancy (France), in partnerships with INI-Novation GmbH (Germany)Birmingham City University (England), Technoport (Luxembourg) and European Business and Innovation Centre Network (Belgium).

The project aims to foster internationalization of innovative companies in the energy and digital economy, by involving people in a process of co-designing to validate and adapt products and services to each regional market.

75 Living Lab sessions were held across 4 European countries between 2013 and 2015. These Living Labs are sessions in which start-up companies present their product or service to a group of users with the purpose of receiving relevant feedback which they can use for the further development or marketing of their product or service. The users can stay involved in the process of delivering continuous feedback through the LILA platform after the session is finalized. Both local livings labs and transnational living labs were organized by the consortium partners. A local living lab means that the company presents its product or service to users from its own country. For example, a German company presents its product or service to a user group in Germany. A transnational living lab means that a company from country A presents its product or service to an audience from country B.  For example a French company does a pitch for a user group in Germany. In addition to lab sessions,  online meetings between entrepreneurs and users were organized.

Archives from LILA-Living Labs in our website.



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