Project title: Market Analysis and Business plan forTENPET – Trans European Network for Positron Emission Tomography.

Role of INI-Novation: Development of business plan and market analysis. Developing a market analysis and business plan for the TENPET technology. Support in the creation  a network for PET Centres across Europe, connected vie telecommunication and tele-medicine services. [More information about TENPET]


Project title: Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

Role of INI-Novation: Project Coordinator. The core element of the SWITCH project was the SWITCH Summer School which was held for the first time in the first week of October 2007. The summer school was a one-week traning focussing on all aspects related to starting a business. During this week, the participants developed a first business concept and learned how to run their own science based start-up company. [More information about SWITCH]


Project title: Promoting innovation and valorization of research results from the faculties and Research institutions of Universidade do Porto

Role of INI-Novation: Innovation management and technology transfer consulting and technical assistance to build technology commercialisation processes at the university. [More information about UPIN]



Project title: TIC – Technology and Innovation Centre, Medimurje, Croatia

Role of INI-Novation: Consultant, developing and implementing the business processes of TIC and training the REDEA’s staff on running the Centre sustainably.  [More information about TIC]



Project title: Support in the establishment of a Technology Transfer office (TTO) in Bulgaria

Role of INI-Novation: Consulting and technical support to establish a technology transfer office for the university. [More information about TTO]


Project title: UniTechSpin – Establishment of processes and mechanisms to foster technology commercialisation at the Technische Universität Darmstadt

Role of INI-Novation: Innovation management and technology transfer consulting. Technical assistance to build technology commercialisation processes at the university.  [More information about UniTechSpin]



Project title:  ARMES –  Augmented Reality Maintenance Service Enhancer

Role of INI-Novation: Support in project management. Acquisition to identify industrial partners. Support in the testing activities.  [More information about ARMES]



Project title: CITECH – Establishment of an Applied R&D and Technology Transfer Entity in the region of Medimurie in Croatia

Role of INI-Novation: Consulting and technical support to establish an R&D and technology transfer institute. Business plan including fine-tuning on budget, staffing and human resources, infrastructure investments ; access to further international Networks and experts ; development of first project ; a concept for an Incubator and Technology Transfer Center on the Institute Campus. [More information about CITECH]



Project title: Business development services for the South-East Europe market

Role of INI-Novation: Business development. Consultancy on market entry strategy, establishment of partnerships in South-East Europe, lobbying of the activities and presentations to decision makers as well as negotiations with sales partners.

[More information about CLIMAR]



Project title: Market analysis of the potential for the DigiMod technology

Role of INI-Novation: Conducting a market analysis in two phases. Initially, secondary research was performed, identifying competitors and potential customers. Additionally, primary research was performed, interviewing carefully selected competitors. Thus, some disadvantages of the secondary research were overcome and the gained practice-based data brought an added value to the report. [More information about DigiMod]



Project title: ENCADRE – European Network of SatNav/Space Clusters for Application

Role of INI-Novation: Innovation management and technology transfer consulting as well as technical assistance to build technology commercialization processes. [More information about ENCADRE]


QPEntrepreneurship Qualification Program

Project title: Entrepreneurship Qualification Program for Technology Transfer Centres and Business Incubators in the Basque Country

Role of INI-Novation: Concept development for training sessions and exercises; Co-ordination with trainers; Seminar implementation. [More information about  Entrepreneurship Qualification Program]



Project title: Feasibility study for the concept of a Satellite Navigation Tech Centre in the State of Hessen, Germany (Space-Incubator); and Establishment of a Satellite Navigation Incubator (CESAH) in the State of Hessen, Germany.

Role of INI-Novation: Consulting and technical support to establish an incubator for the satellite navigation market in the State of Hessen, Germany.  [More information about EAS-GAZ]


Furnituture Technology CentreFurniture Technology Centre

Project title: The Feasibility of Promoting Innovation and Valuation of Research Results from the  Universities in the North of Portugal through the Establishment of a Technology Incubation Centre for the Furniture Market.

Role of INI-Novation: Consulting and technical support to establish an incubator for the furniture market in a region in the North of Portugal.  [More information about Furniture Technology Centre]


Go 3DGo-3D

Project title: Assessment of the market potential for the Go-3D Technology – using 3D CAD and other data for non-constructional applications.

Role of INI-Novation: Conducting a marketing analysis and market research for the  GO-3D Technology. [More information about Go-3D]


BGHGDV– Technology Marketing in Bulgaria

Project title: Initiation of collaborations and partnerships in the field of computer graphics technologies with institutions and companies from Bulgaria.

Role of INI-Novation: Marketing measures for the development of strategic research partnerships, the acquisition of European R&D contracts as well as the participation of international experts in cooperation within the EU research programs. [More information about HGDV]



Project title: INI-Cubator Programme Greece

Role of INI-Novation: Consulting and technical support to establish and operate the incubator. Review of technologies to be incubated. Designation of external experts for review. Management of board.  [More information about INI-Cubator]



Project title: KIS4SAT –  Developing a voucher system to stimulate innovative behaviour of knowledge intensive service firms in the downstream navigation applications markets

Role of INI-Novation: 

  • Management skills and training schemes – assess the existing and the required management skills of KIS SMEs and entrepreneurs, as well the currently existing management training and qualification schemes.
  • Training about the use of Support Packages – design modular qualification and training programmes to select and support potential high-growth KIS SMEs as well as incubators and other intermediaries at penetrating and successfully acting in the market with broader economic view.  [More information about KIS4SAT]



Project title: KroatINI – Technology Marketing Activities in Croatia

Role of INI-Novation: Coordinating and implementing the project activities. [More information about KroatINI]


Park INOVAScience and Technology Park INOVA, Paredes

Project title: Establishment of Technology and Science Park INOVA

Role of INI-Novation: Consulting and technical support to establish Technology and Science Park. [More information about Science and Technology Park INOVA]



Project title: IDEA –Integrated Development Of Entrepreneurial Achievers

Role of INI-Novation: Development of a sustainability plan for the IDEA Concept. [More information about SofE-IDEA]


BANNER 300X250-page-001

Project title: Einkorn – Ancient Innovation 

Funding Institution: Erasmus +

Role of INI-Novation: Development of market analysis and a business model for for food innovation.

[More information about Einkorn]


uncap_logo_50pxProject title: UNCAP, Ubiquitous iNteroperable Care for Ageing People

Funding Institution: Horizon 2020

Project duration: Officially started on January 1, 2015, with an expected life of 36 months and ending 31 December 2017.

Role of INI-Novation: Development of market analysis, go-to-market strategy, business model and business plan of the eCare new technology. [More information about UNCAP]


gCases logoProject title: giCases, Creating a University-Enterprise Alliance for a Spatially Enabled Society

Funding Institution: Erasmus +

Project duration: Officially started on January 1, 2016, with an expected life of 36 months and ending 31 December 2018. [More information about giCases]


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