Nomadland was born with the purpose of connecting young digital nomads in rural areas with risk of depopulation. The project is funded by Erasmus+ Program.

Our Team

It is a European project undertaken by four partners in different countries: Croatia , Germany, Slovenia and Spain: Atperson Formación, Udruga Prizma, Idrija 2020 + ID20, INI-Novation.

Our Goal

We are collaborative partners and countries who are trying to find a solution for boosting rural areas with a special focus on Youth. Moreover, Nomadland is ideal project providing information and inspiration for rural areas and digital nomads all over the world.

Our Objectives

  • To investigate how the phenomenon of digital nomads can positively influence the development of the quality of work with young people in rural areas and in smaller cities,
  • Create a guide that will help people active in working with young people and decision makers to create conditions for attracting digital nomads to rural areas,
  • Raise the level of awareness about remote work in rural areas as a possible response to the emigration of young people.

More Information

Get to know our project better by visiting Nomadland website: and the social networks:

  • Instagram @nomadlandproject
  • Facebook: Nomadland Project
  • Linkedin: Nomadland Project
  • Youtube: Nomadland Project

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