Industry 4.0 Skills

We inform about successful examples how to accomplish the transition from labor-intensive work to knowledge-intensive work in industrial environment

“Skills and Competences for Work in Industry 4.0” is a European project funded by ERASMUS+ Program for the period 2020 – 2022. The main goal of the “Industry 4.0 Skills” project is to provide a comprehensive and useful
indication of initiatives, programs, methods and materials concerning the development and self-improvement of personal skills and competences in the transformation in industry.

Our Team

Our project team is made up of a potent mixture of partners with extensive experience in education and training, creativity and entrepreneurship, business development, financing and innovation management from four European countries: Germany, Austria, Croatia and Slovenia.

Kick-off Meeting of Industry 4.0 Skills
  • INI-Novation Germany, email:
  • WIN Austria, email:
  • INTEGRA Slovenia, email:
  • QUALED Slovakia, email:

Our Goal

Digitization is increasingly shaping the world of work. Computerization, Big data, Advanced robots, IoT, etc. The technologies can readily substitute labour in a wide range of non-routine cognitive tasks and to perform a broader scope of manual tasks. This will change the nature of work to knowledge orientation.

Our focus is on collection of good practices as use cases of successful approaches and practices for implementation of vocational training according to the needs of Industry 4.0.

Our Results

Get more information about our results in Industry 4.0 Skills project from the website:

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