CitehProject title: CITECH – Establishment of an Applied R&D and Technology Transfer Entity in the region of Medimurie in Croatia

Funding Institution: Međimurijska Zupania, Croatia

Project duration: 01.06.2008 – 31.06.2009

Project description: 

Development of business concept and market analysis of a “ICT-Research-Institute to be established in Međimurije, Croatia”. The Institute shall be conducting its activities in analogy to the renowned Fraunhofer research model. Through the establishment of international partnerships and collaborations, it was intended to grant access to international R&D collaborations as well as to the successfully established technology commercialization activities.

Role of INI-Novation: Consulting and technical support to establish an R&D and technology transfer institute.

Services provided by INI-Novation:

Business plan including fine-tuning on budget, staffing and human resources, infrastructure investments ; access to further international Networks and experts ; development of first project ; a concept for an Incubator and Technology Transfer Center on the Institute Campus.

Experts:  Carmen Camacho, Bruno Fernandes, Veneta Ivanova, Wolfgang Kniejski


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