Marketing for Start-ups and Small Companies

How To Become Better on the Market?

This is an intensive program with integrated coaching for entrepreneurs and start-ups.

The decisive success criteria for the lasting existence of an enterprise is its market: the number of satisfied and paying customers, their acceptance of the product and enterprise ensure ultimately the existence of the company.

In this course, you will learn about the market philosophy behind an enterprise and entrepreneurs, and obtain a comprehensive overview of the correlation among Strategy, Marketing, Sales, and Branding.

Thanks to the built-in coaching, until the end of this course, the trainees will be able to reach their own decisions for market development, to build their own marketing plans and presentations, based on their own experience and knowledge, and based on the newly acquired knowledge from this course.

Who should enroll?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Start-ups
  • SME owners

Make your Idea Real! Learn powerful approaches to marketing

The customer should be considered as the most important partner. You will learn within this seminar how to achieve customer satisfaction based on the principles in Strategy, Marketing and Sales.

Moreover, more, you will be able to determine your main priority marketing areas in which you need to improve your performance, and create working plan for that.


This course will introduce practical knowledge for building an operating marketing plan, sales strategies and memorable brand necessary for the successful operation of the business organization. The following themes will be addressed:

  • Evaluation of your business in 12 key questions
  • Positioning, customer acquisition and binding
  • 16 competencies in marketing
  • Relevance of planning and the necessity of regulation
  • Target groups and needs’ identification
  • Sales and 12 steps for building successful presentations
  • Techniques for closing sales
  • Construction of a personal image and style
  • Tendency to procrastinate or “Why do we resist change”


  • 12 course modules, each 60 minutes

Number of persons in a group:

  • From 1 up to 6 people

Language of teaching:

  • English


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