How to finance your start-up business?

Learning objectives:

One of the most important questions regarding the establishment of a business venture is the financing of the start-up activities and the expansion phases. Idea and prototypes need to be further developed for the market, the business concept has to be defined and developed, resources have to be structured, and the first steps towards business operation have to be taken. There exist several different financing sources for such steps in the pre-Seed, the seed, the start-up and the expansion phases.

Who should enroll?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Students in Business Management and Business Administration
  • SME owners

Learn powerful approaches!

In this seminar, methods for the successful financing of entrepreneurial activities will be presented. Each individual financing option will be discussed and consequently the various alternative actions an entrepreneur may take will be addressed. You will not only learn about the different forms of financing, but also obtain insight into the perspectives of potential investors (Business Angels, VCs, Banks).


  • This course will introduce the different forms, the impacts and the unique features of available financing opportunities.
  • The following themes will be addressed:
    • Nature and characteristics of corporate financing
    • European and other public programs for the support of entrepreneurship and start-ups (e.g. opportunities in H2020)
    • Unique characteristics of financing in the different life cycle stages of new business ventures
    • Nature, characteristics and „killer criteria“ of VC financing


  • 5 course modules, each 90 minutes

Language of teaching:

  • English
  • German

Lecturer of the seminar: 

Dr. h.c. Wolfgang KNIEJSKI

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