Digital Nomads and Youth Work – Impulses for Regional Development

For many years, rural areas and smaller towns in the Odenwald have seen an outflow of young people and an increasing aging of the population. This leads to stagnation in regional development, social inequality, economic challenges and inadequate use of public infrastructure. Particularly since the economic crisis of 2008, migration has increased throughout the EU, with many young people often moving to larger urban areas in search of better opportunities.

At the same time, the digitalization of jobs and the emergence of new industries, such as digital content creation , digital marketing, etc., ushered in another trend: the possibility of remote work. This trend has continued to increase during the COVID-19 pandemic. The phenomenon of “digital nomadism” has also emerged, where thanks to modern technology, young freelancers can work from anywhere in the world and have the freedom to choose between different locations.

Since rural communities are often characterized by strong social connections, they could prove to be an ideal place for (digital) work and the life of digital nomads. Qualified youth work could therefore have positive effects for both digital nomads and local youth. Developing new opportunities for young people in the Odenwald will then help to stop migration and promote the growth and development of the region.

Are you interested in how digitalization and the settlement of young creative people can provide positive impulses for regional development in the Odenwald, e.g. in tourism? Are you looking for ideas to redesign “living in the country”?

Then we cordially invite you to take part in our discussion forum “Digitization – Mobility – Tourism: Regional Development in the Odenwald” on November 28th, 2023 in Waschenbach. The aim of this compact event is to show how developing new opportunities for young people in the Odenwald can help stop migration and promote the growth and development of the region.

Take advantage of the opportunity to learn about good practice examples and to openly discuss this topic with the speakers.

Address: Waschenbach community center, Maiacker 8, 64367 Mühltal

The event is free. Drinks, finger food and networking are provided.

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