PST Start-up CHINO.IO wins the UNCAP Award in Darmstadt

CHINOOn July 29th, 2015, representatives of different innovation management organisations from all over Europe met in Darmstadt, Germany, to grant the four best start-up companies of an international eCare innovations pitching event the UNCAP 2015 INNOVATION AWARDS.

UNCAP is the abbreviation of “Ubiquitous Interoperable Care for Ageing People”. It is a pilot-centric innovation action, driven by several high-tech SMEs with support from few research centres. UNCAP aims to deliver a suite of innovative ready-to-market ICT products and services, specifically designed to help elderly people with cognitive impairments live a more independent life. UNCAP maximises use of standards to create an interoperable open infrastructure that leverages on location and sensor-based technologies to create radically new paradigms for service care delivery. The project is co-funded by the European Commission under the so called Horizon 2020 programme activities (reference no. GA 643555).

CHINO , Angela IvanovaUNCAP targets the establishment of a transnational innovation ecosystem for eCare, in which innovation management and business spin-off tasks shall be performed in a global scale. In this context, the first UNCAP INNOVATION AWARD event was organised to provide eCare innovators and entrepreneurs the floor to introduce their technologies underlining future eCare solutions. An international jury recruited of market and technology experts evaluated the presentations, ranked them and selected the four best pitches for the UNCAP INNOVATION AWARD. The first price was awarded to “CHINO.IO” (Italy), providing secure API and storage for health data according to EU laws and regulations. The winner, Jovan Stevovic, received the award from the UNCAP co-ordinator, Dr. Giuseppe Conti (Trilogis) and from Dr. h.c. Wolfgang Kniejski (EIT Digital Business development Acclerator), Chairman of the UNCAP Innovation Management Team.

The UNCAP INNOVATION AWARD 2015 grants a free participation in the UNCAP Conference in Nottingham (UK) in September 2015 (including travel and all related costs) as well as a free booth at the conference exhibition and promotions support. Impressed by the vast knowledge that CHINO’s Managing Director proved during his presentation, the UNCAP management team decided spontaneously to accept CHINO as an associated partner and to grant a subcontract for consulting services in the area of regulations and requirements in commercialisation of eHealth and eCare applications. “I am proud and happy that the winner of our UNCAP INNOVATION AWARD 2015 will play a significant role in the project activities”, the leader of the business modelling work package, Ms. Angela Ivanova, stated during the award ceremony.


INI-Novation presents 4 innovative technologies

Four innovative web solutions were presented on LILA lab sessions on December 3th in Darmstadt. Most of them are not on the market yet. These technologies of the future need to be further developed and turned into successful products for the market with the potential customers’ and users’ help. The users’ feedback is very important on the early stage of development, that’s why the inventors had a lot of questions to discuss with the invited users who were active and creative in sharing their opinion.

At the end, all participants left satisfied with what they have learned and richer with the shared knowledge. The sessions were organised by INI-Novation GmbH, the German partner in the LILA Project.

Information about the presented web solutions:

YoStar App is the first of its kind Android application, which main purpose is to navigate the position of a telescope towards a space object and to facilitate its adjustment. NaviScope will enter the German market now. INFOZONE App is an innovative mobile application that will be launched on the German market soon. The goal of INFOZONE is to provide easy and time saving life for the tourists and people living in the cities. The application can show you the nearest points of interest with promotion discounts, or according your preferences. DeeD Platform is a new web platform for fun and team-building, allowing different organizations and teams to bond their members via small but regular challenges.It iis going to be launched in the German market. Searching engine “Cognica” – a fuzzy search engine. Еxamples will be presented for use of fuzzy search engines for fast and authentic language translation and fast semantic search in web pages.

December 9, 2014 1:56 PM,

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How to Finance your start-up business?


You’re a start-up, and you’re looking for investors to support your business. This seminar is for you!

INI-Novation organises on 2 December 2014 in Darmstadt (Germany) a seminar targeted at young entrepreneurs and start-ups who are looking for financing sources in the pre-Seed, the seed, the start-up and the expansion phases.

Besides providing theoretical knowledge regarding financing models, concrete real-life scenario examples will also be used to illustrate strategic financing and the different alternative action steps. Current challenges faced by the participants will also be taken into consideration for the analysis of different financing possibilities. Practitioners will give insides to support entrepreneurs accessing proper financing models. At the end of the seminar 5 start-up concepts will be pitched, reviewed, commented by experts and presented in front of users on a LILA Lab on 3.12.2014 .

November 28, 2014

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