The 1st Prototype of PROLONG is Ready

PROLONG in an innovative project with the goal to design and manufacture a prototype of a device as a portable GNSS-IoT tracker to be carried in a pocket as a key-chain or to be worn as a belt, bracelet or necklace attachment.

The system will be capable of performing gait analysis (analysis of locomotion) based on very accurate PNT (Positioning, Navigation and Timing) data, detecting conditions of possible danger (e.g., unstable walking pattern, wandering, fall) and then generating an alert (e.g., playing a loud beeping sound and sending an alert to caregiver).

The PROLONG partners are finalizing already the first prototype of the technical solution and testing together with target users in so-called co-design sessions is starting soon.

There are 6 innovations that will be combined in the PROLONG solution:

  • Use of authentication and security mechanisms to secure users’ privacy,
  • Use of Galileo/GNSS with IoT networking based on LPWAN and NB-IoT,
  • Specially developed optimized “plug&play” algorithms for the PROLONG receiver that ensures real-time detection and high accuracy,
  • Using specialized algorithms for gait analysis to detect conditions of risk related to gait patterns of older adults when outside their homes,
  • Providing seamless indoor/outdoor monitoring of older adults, in a way that is completely transparent to the user
  • Creating a specialized technical solution capable to deliver ubiquitous prevention of risks related to analysis of locomotion of older adults, ready to be integrated in a close-to-market device.

The 1-st workshop with the PROLONG end-users is coming.