Go 3DProject title: Assessment of the market potential for the Go-3D Technology – using 3D CAD and other data for non-constructional applications

Funding Institution: Center for Computer Graphics,  IGD Rostock

Project duration: July 2007 – November 2007

Project description: 

The project conducted a market study aiming to analyse potential re-using of 3D-CAD data as well other inputs for additional application fields beyond the traditional playgrounds of construction and design.
The study focused on the description and analysis of the most important market components, namely the market volume, market potential and competition. The identification of the different fields of application and potential customers were taken as key analysis factors for the market study.

Role of INI-Novation: Conducting a marketing analysis and market research for the  GO-3D Technology.

Services provided by INI-Novation:

Analysis of the market potential for CAD models and 3D visualisation tools´ areas:

  • Market definition
  • Market volume
  • Market trends and market development potential for the next years

Competitors analysis:

  • Analysis of the suppliers of 2D and especially 3D applications for the development of handbooks, training software and other e-learning tools based on CAD data;
  • Description of the competitors’ applications available on the market.

Experts: Steffen Braun, Bruno Fernandes, Veneta Ivanova

Results: Based mainly on secondary research, the market study identified different fields of application with market potential out of the traditional 3D CAD data re-use for construction and design software applications. The main competitors, but also the potential partners were analysed. Out of the identified application fields, the target customers were assessed. Finally, the study concluded with forecast about the market trends as wells statistics about the market volume under this application field in the next years.

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