Innovation management

In the knowledge-driven economy, innovation has become essential for achievements in the business world. With this growth in importance, large and small organisations have begun to re-evaluate their products, their services, and even their corporate culture, in the attempt to maintain their competitiveness in the global markets of today.

INI-Novation GmbH provides its clients and partners with new experiences and good practices. Our network supports startups, companies, universities and R&D institutions, who are interested in the creation, identification, protection and exploitation of the research results and inventions.

The entire innovation management process covers all the steps from the identification and awareness to technology screening and breeding, incubation and up to establishment, with post-establishment and product development support. Examples of such advantages include:

  • The creation of a positive commercial climate for innovations and patent registrations;
  • Ensuring the sustainable establishment of high-tech start-ups;
  • The support of international technology trade sales and licensing processes;
  • Access to the network of experts and partnering organisations; and
  • Improving business dexterity.

INI-Novation contributes to innovation awareness and to the development of new markets. Therefore INI-Novation offers new options for technology commercialisation through the establishment of spin-offs, licensing and the acquisition of third-party funds for the further development of technologies with high-growth potential.

In order to enable this:

  • Processes to identify innovative potential in an early stage have been developed on an integrated level (see chart bellow);
  • Impulses are given to establish local networks, in which people become involved in joint innovation and learning processes;
  • Guidance is provided to researchers and startups in order to assist them in developing business concepts;
  • A new concept of incubation – pre-incubation is realized which is tailored for potential academic entrepreneurs;
  • Qualification is provided to pursue innovation management excellence and to train the entrepreneurs in market thinking.

The integrated commercialization process at INI-Novation:

Innovation Management Process in INI-Novation GmbH





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