Exciting Event in the World of Agriculture with BadenCampus and EIT Manufacturing

In collaboration with the economic development agency of the Emmendingen region, EIT Manufacturing and BadenCampus, INI-Novation GmbH organized an exciting event in the world of agriculture on March 15th 2024.

Angela Ivanova introduced the AgriSkills 4.0 eLearning Platform, which highlighted the importance of continuous education and skills development in the rapidly changing agricultural world.

In addition to the keynote by Juergen Lieb from SICK AG, which offered a deep insight into the challenges and opportunities of the agricultural technology industry, the introduction to the Competence Center for Digital Wineculture 4.0 by Martin Linser was another highlight that showed how digital progress can be achieved even in traditional areas such as #winegrowing. This was also demonstrated in so-called “live demos” in the vineyard, where innovative equipment (drones, tractors) enriched with high-tech features (sensors, cameras, etc.) showed how these technologies can enrich traditional farming activities.

Speaking about innovative technologies: Experts from different application areas pitched during the event several technical capabilities and solutions:

  • VertiYard UG presented an innovative solution for vertical indoor farming that uses artificial intelligence and advanced imaging technology to make plant growth more efficient and controllable;
  • MAIWY revolutionizes vine disease diagnosis with an app that uses smartphone images and AI to quickly and accurately identify diseases;
  • OndoSense GmbH presented smart sensor solutions that provide precise data for monitoring plant growth, animal health, agricultural machinery maintenance and distance measurements to optimize agricultural processes;
  • Emqopter presented intelligent, autonomous drone systems suitable for a variety of agricultural applications, from surveillance to precise task execution; and
  • Nature Robots introduced a fully autonomous vegetable growing robot with advanced 5D (3D space, time, semantics) monitoring capabilities, enabling efficient navigation in agricultural and winemaking environments.

A big thank you to all speakers and everyone who made this day an unforgettable experience. The response and commitment of the participants was overwhelming and clearly showed that the innovation engine in agriculture is still running at full speed.

We’re still amazed by the great feedback I got from everyone.

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