kos4satProject title: KIS4SAT –  Developing a voucher system to stimulate innovative behaviour of knowledge intensive service firms in the downstream navigation applications markets

Funding Institution: CEC – DG Enterprise and Innovation

Project duration: February 2008 – February 2011

Project description: 

This sectoral network intends to build a platform that will enable entrepreneurs and knowledge intensive service ventures of high growth potential to seize market opportunities in the field of satellite downstream applications:

  • Assessing the research, skills and knowledge needs;
  • Fostering technological and non-technological innovations;
  • Building the KIS4SAT innovation platform; and
  • Formulating exist strategies.

Role of INI-Novation: 

  • Management skills and training schemes – assess the existing and the required management skills of KIS SMEs and entrepreneurs, as well the currently existing management training and qualification schemes.
  • Training about the use of Support Packages – design modular qualification and training programmes to select and support potential high-growth KIS SMEs as well as incubators and other intermediaries at penetrating and successfully acting in the market with broader economic view.

Services provided by INI-Novation: Market analysis, evaluation of the management skills of the SMEs in the SATNAV sector and technical assistance to develop an entrepreneurship qualification voucher system.

Experts: Nicolas Elan, Bruno Fernandes, Veneta Ivanova, Wolfgang Kniejski, Hristo Nenov, Tobias Quaiser


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