upinProject title: Promoting innovation and valorization of research results from the faculties and Research institutions of Universidade do Porto

Funding Institution: UPIN

Project duration: 01.10.2005 – 30.06.2006

Project description: 

In order to enforce an innovative culture and a successful commercialization attitude, the project generated a supportive climate at the leadership level of universities and research institutes. The common vision was to initiate a positive “innovation spirit” and therefore an economic success of the innovations made in the high technology areas. The commercial exploitation of newly developed technologies is a desirable result of UP’s research & development activities.

Role of INI-Novation: Innovation management and technology transfer consulting and technical assistance to build technology commercialisation processes at the university.

Services provided by INI-Novation:

Preparation of a Technology-Transfer Process to be established at the University of Porto and to be performed by UPIN. Among the project activities are:

  • Delivery of awareness workshops in the faculties
  • Set up of questionnaires for technology screening
  • Definition of key performance indicators
  • Set up evaluation manuals
  • Prepare and deliver workshops for technology presentations

Support in setting up an internal management to sustain the process:

  • Define contact persons
  • Define further qualification measures

Assist decision and ranking of technologies to be fostered

Experts: Wolfgang Kniejski, Veneta Ivanova, Marion Mienert, Jose Teixeira

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