DigiModProject title: Market analysis of the potential for the DigiMod technology

Funding Institution: Fraunhofer IGD

Project duration: September 2007 – January 2008

Project description: 

DigiMod is a software application tool tailored to moderate workshops. A market analysis was performed in order to assess the market potential and plan strategically the market positioning.

Therefore, the study comprised a detailed market description and analysis, focusing on the competition and analysing competitors’ profiles, solutions and pricing strategies. Furthermore, the different market segments to be targeted were identified and the potential for revenue generation within each segment was estimated.

Role of INI-Novation: Conducting a market analysis in two phases. Initially, secondary research was performed, identifying competitors and potential customers. Additionally, primary research was performed, interviewing carefully selected competitors. Thus, some disadvantages of the secondary research were overcome and the gained practice-based data brought an added value to the report.

Services provided by INI-Novation:

Analysis of the market potential for digital moderation tools´ area:

  • Market definition and market segments;
  • Market volume;
  • Market trends and market development potential for the near future.

Detailed analysis of the competitors:

  • Deep analysis of the competitors’ applications available on the market;
  • Identification of the suppliers of digital moderation tools;
  • Price analysis for the different available tools.

Experts: Bruno Fernandes, Veneta Ivanova, Ines Michi, Tobias Quaiser


The market study recommends the different market segments available that should be targeted by DigiMod. The provided comparison to the different competitors’ solutions enables DigiMod to find the right market position based on clearly defined unique selling proposition (USP).

Finally, it was recommended to conduct a further study based on detailed primary research, due to the fact that Digital Moderation is still an emerging market. Thus, elaborated studies, statistics and analysis are not available yet

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