Furniture Technology Centre

Furnituture Technology CentreProject title: The Feasibility of Promoting Innovation and Valuation of Research Results from the  Universities in the North of Portugal through the Establishment of a Technology Incubation Centre for the Furniture Market.

Funding Institution: Ministry of Economy, Portugal

Project duration: 01.06.2006 – 31.12.2007

Project description: 

In the first project phase, the Portuguese furniture market was analysed from four different point of views namely,

  • the macro-economical perspective of the furniture market, the market players and their structural characteristics;
  • the technological innovation potential of the region;
  • the cooperation readiness of the research community in this field;
  • the overall picture of the furniture market situation in the North of Portugal.

The input from the four fields of analysis provided the necessary information for the second project phase to structuring the business model and the service portfolio of the Furniture Technology Centre in the North of Portugal and to estimate its feasibility

Role of INI-Novation: Consulting and technical support to establish an incubator for the furniture market in a region in the North of Portugal.

Services provided by INI-Novation:

  • Marketing analysis and feasibility study;
  • Creating the business model;
  • Creating the business portfolio of the Furniture Technology Centre;
  • Creating the marketing concept;
  • Expert budgeting and financial consulting.

Experts: Bruno, Fernandes, Wolfgang Kniejski, Veneta Ivanova

Results: The Furniture Technology Centre was successfully created and follows the global perspective, bringing value added to the region of the North of Portugal.

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