Science and Technology Park INOVA

Park INOVAProject title: Establishment of Technology and Science Park INOVA, Paredes

Funding Institution: In-kind (shares) and public funding

Project duration: Sept. 2008 – Dec. 2009

Project description: 

Goal of the project is to develop a Technology and Science Park, based on the articulation of its territory in harmony with the local enterprises, universities, training centres and research entities in order to create dynamic partnerships capable of achieving synergies around common projects bearing a strong innovative character and benefiting from the necessary critical mass to reach international notoriety.
The Park will act as a new centrality based on a socio-economic growth strategy which comes from knowledge and innovation, promoting the competitiveness of the Region and increasing the socio-economic and technological leadership in Portugal.

Role of INI-Novation: Consulting and technical support to establish Technology and Science Park.

Services provided by INI-Novation:

  • Feasibility Study,
  • Concept technology transfer services,
  • Analysis of incubation space needed,
  • Concept incubation services,
  • Overall training and education needs,
  • Programme structure,
  • Infrastructure requirements,
  • Resource planning,
  • Project management.

Experts: Wolfgang Kniejski, Veneta Ivanova, Bruno Fernandes

Results: Organisational concept development and proposal for strategic set-up (Board structure, international links, funding opportunities)

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